Chef: Antonio Cannavacciuolo

Candele and sea ragout

  • PT100M 100min
  • 4


Sauté 1/2 garlic clove (without the middle core) in a pan with half the extra virgin olive oil. After it has sautéed, remove it, add the fish stock and reduce to low heat.Half cook the Candele in slightly salted water, then complete cooking in the reduced fish stock, adding more stock as required. Ensure the Candele are cooked al dente.Open the shellfish and shell them, being careful not to overcook them. Add the fish fillets (previously portioned), the octopus and shelled shellfish to the fish broth. Cook the fish together with the pasta to flavour everything. Do not overcook the fish to prevent it from hardening too much.At the end, add a bit of minced garlic and parsley and add salt and pepper. PRESENTATIONArrange the Candele on dinner plates and lay the fish and shellfish on top, decorating with herbs and flower petals. Finally, season with a few drops of raw extra virgin olive oil, then serve.