Sedani rigati with broccoletti

  • Difficulty


  • 300 g0SXE057
  • 400 g broccoletti
  • 4 sardine fillets
  • 1 clove garlic
  • ½ Chilli
  • salt
Sedani Rigati n° 57


Clean the broccoletti and divide them into florets, removing the harder parts. heat 2 tbsp of oil in a large pan, once it is very warm add the chilli, the peeled garlic, the chopped sardines, mix well to fold in the ingredients then remove the chilli.Cook the pasta al dente in plenty of boiling salted water, 4 minutes before it is cooked add the broccoletti. Keep a few spoonfuls of cooking water. Drain the pasta and the broccoletti and mix them with the sardines, the water, the leftover oil and serve.To make it even more tasty the Chef recommends to sprinkle it with a generous sprinkle of seasoned pecorino.