Zita tagliata Tavoliere

  • Difficulty


  • 350 g0SX0118
  • 1 shin pork
  • 70 g one slice bacon
  • 1 stick celery
  • 1 onion
  • ½ glass dry white wine
  • 50 g Cacioricotta cheese
  • salt and pepper
Zita Tagliata n° 118


Peel the onion, once rinsed and dried chop it finely; then chop the celery and the bacon separately. Blanch the tomatoes in boiling water, once drained, peeled and deseeded chop them coarsely.Heat the oil in a pan, add the pork shin and brown evenly on all sides over a high heat, pour the white wine and let it evaporate over a high heat. Remove the shin from the pan and keep it aside; skim the pan juice from the fat and add the celery and the onion then fry until soft but not golden.Add the chopped bacon, brown it briefly stirring with a wooden spoon, add the tomato, the pork and then season with salt and a grind of pepper; simmer for 2 hours over a medium heat. Remove the pork shin from the pan and with a sharp knife slice the meat into strips.Then cook the pasta in plenty of boiling water and a bit of salt. Drain it when al dente and mix it with the tomato and meat sauce, sprinkle with flakes of cacioricotta and serve immediately.