Pasta alla Norma

  • Difficulty


  • 320 g0SXE012
  • 300 g Aubergines
  • 1 clove garlic
  • basil
  • olive oil, for frying
  • salt and pepper
Spaghetti n° 12


Slice the aubergines and arrange them in layers in a colander, sprinkling generously with coarse salt. Place a weight over them and allow them to loose all their juice for 30 minutes.Then rinse the aubergines under running water. Heat the olive oil in a pan, add the peeled and crushed garlic and fry until soft. After 2-3 minutes remove the garlic from the pan and add the tomato, season with salt and simmer over a low heat for 15 minutes.Put the frying oil in a pan and when warm but not smoking, add the aubergines and fry until evenly golden on both sides. Drain with the slice and place them on kitchen role.Then cook the spaghetti in plenty of boiling salted water, drain them al dente and serve them in individual deep dishes.Toss a bit of tomato sauce over each dish and garnish with the aubergines and the basil. Serve immediately very warm. To make it even more dainty, the Chef recommends to sprinkle with seasoned grated ricotta when serving this typical Sicilian recipe.