Vegetarian Paella

  • Difficulty


  • 250 g Riso Roma
  • 200 g shelled borlotti beans
  • 1 sachet saffron
  • 1 l broth prepared in advance
  • 2 cloves garlic
  • 1 carrot
  • 1 onion
  • 1 small bunch basil
  • 200 g shelled peas
  • 1 small bunch basil
  • 200 g French beans
  • 200 g courgettes
  • 1 leek
  • 1 small bunch parsley
  • salt
Riso Roma


Blunt the soybeans and remove any filaments, remove roots from the leek, and rinse, blunt the courgettes, peel the carrot, the onion, the garlic and wash all these vegetables.Wash the basil and the parsley, tip them in a tea towel and dry, then mince them separately.In a saucepan place the soybeans, 1/2 carrot, 1/2 sliced onion, 1 clove of garlic.Cover with cold water, bring to the boil and cook for about 40 minutes, adding salt at the last minute.Pour some oil in a saucepan with the remaining onion and garlic, the sliced leek, the minced parsley and basil and fry this vegetable mixture until soft.Add the courgettes, the remaining 1/2 carrot and the pieces of soybeans, the peas and brown shortly stirring with a wooden spoon; add the rice and brown it for 1-2 minutes.Add the saffron, melted in just a tiny bit of broth, and the drained beans, cover the rice with boiling broth, stir gently put into a 180 °C preheated oven, covered for about 15-18 minutes.