Racchette with broccoli

  • Difficulty


  • 350 g0SX0090
  • 1 kg broccoli
  • 60 g salted sardines
  • 2 clove garlic
  • 1 piece red hot chilli
  • salt
Racchette n° 90


Clean the broccoli and cook them in a pan with boiling salted water for 20 minutes, drain them with a slotted scoop (keeping the cooking water in the pan), toss them in a serving dish. Then bring broccoli's cooking water to the boil again and toss the pasta in it.In the meanwhile desalt the sardines, peel the garlic, place it in a pan with a dash of heated oil and the chilli. Once the garlic is golden, add the sardines and melt them pressing them with a fork until they reach a creamy consistency.Drain the pasta al dente, drain it and pour it in the serving dish with the broccoli; mix it with the sardine sauce and serve it warm.