Chef: Paolo Teverini

Adriatic sea Conchiglioni

  • PT100M 100min
  • Difficulty


  • 16 pz Conchiglioni Rigati n° 126
  • 250 g fish stock
  • 1 g agar agar
  • 1 sprig fresh basil
  • 100 g dry chickpeas
  • 100 g lemon juice
  • 100 g water
  • 4 g soy lecithin
  • 300 g small, second-grade cockles
  • 300 g mussels
  • 100 g sea asparagus
  • 4 queen scallops
  • 2 g garlic
  • 50 g Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • 10 g parsley
  • to taste salt, pepper
Conchiglioni Rigati n° 126


The night before, soak the chickpeas in cold water. In the morning, cook them with plenty of water, blend them and strain them; then dilute them with their cooking water until the texture resembles beach sand.Blanch the basil leaves in boiling water for 20 seconds and immediately cool with water and ice. Put the basil in a blender and blend to obtain the juice (chlorophyll).Add the fish stock to the bisque and Agar agar. Boil and whisk, let cool then add the basil chlorophyll. When it has all properly cooled, blend it in a cutter until an almost creamy texture is obtained.Add the lemon juice, water, soy lecithin and a pinch of salt, then blend with an immersion blender until a froth that looks like sea foam is obtained.Wash the mussels, clams and queen scallops, then cook them in a pan with one glass of water. As soon as they open, remove from the heat. Keep a few whole mussels and cockles and queen scallops with their shell. Extract the flesh from the rest of the mussels and cockles.In a saucepan sauté the minced garlic in oil, add the mussels and cockles with their cooking juice and some minced parsley.Cook the pasta al dente, delicately sauté it in a pan with the juice from the mussels and cockles so it flavours, then stuff it with the seafood and bits of sea asparagus. PRESENTATIONPrepare the dish arranging the whole as in a painting:the beach lapped by the sea, the waves and the water foam. Place the stuffed Conchiglioni  on the sea water, decorate with a few cockles and mussels with their shells, also add one queen scallop with its half shell on the dish and serve.