Rigatoni Napoletani n° 124

Rigatoni Napoletani med ursprung från Kampanien är lämpliga med läckra köttfärssåser och rika såser på bas av tomat och är dessutom utmärkta för ugnsbakade recept.
Finns i förpackning på 500 g.

  • Cooking time: 14 min - Al dente: 12 min
Rigatoni Napoletani n° 124

Our method

Attention, care, experience, quality at every stage: from our mill to your table.

Selecting the wheat

Selecting excellent primary materials is the first step, the most important one in fact, in creating unique pasta.

The milling

We have been millers for almost two centuries: way back in 1831, Don Nicola De Cecco was already producing “the best flour in the county” in his mill. To this day, we grind all the wheat in our own mill next to the pasta factory, floating with intense and delicious aromas.

The dough

Cold water and dough at a temperature of less than 15 degrees: two details allowing us to produce pasta that fully respects the primary material.


While it is the drawing process that gives the pasta its shape, it is the rough die that make our pasta uniquely porous, so it captures all the sauce. Hence, this is one of the special procedures we have chosen to preserve and protect. With great pride.


Another of the secrets behind our pasta is slow drying at low temperature. It is our way of keeping the sensory properties of the wheat intact.

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Finns i förpackning på 500 g.

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