Chef: Gaetano Trovato

Egg Taglierini, mullets, baby squid, fish stock, sweet peppers and courgettes

  • PT100M 100min
  • 4


  • 250 g0UW0305
  • 6 mullets
  • 1 scorpionfish
  • 1 gurnard
  • 20 baby squids
  • 1 julienne cut yellow pepper
  • 1 julienne cut red pepper
  • 4 whole courgettes
  • 2 brunoise courgettes
  • 1 potato
  • 1 fresh spring onion
  • 150 g celery
  • 250 g baby tomatoes
  • 100 g onion
  • 2 L vegetable oil
  • 100 g mashed potatoes
  • to taste white wine, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, thyme, fleur de sel, pepper
Taglierini n° 305 all’uovo


For the stock:in a saucepan, sauté the coarsely chopped vegetables (tomatoes, celery and onion); add the fish bones, heads and fillets of redfish, gurnard and two mullets; deglaze with the white wine, add 1 litre of vegetable stock and cook for about 1 hour, strain and keep warm.For the paired mullets:fillet 4 mullets, join the two fillets, placing a strip of potato mash scented with thyme in the middle, and garnish with the courgette brunoise. Bake in the oven at 220°C for 3 minutes.For the courgette sauce:brown the spring onion and thinly sliced potato in a pan with extra virgin olive oil; pour in the vegetable stock until the potato is cooked, add the green part of the 4 courgettes previously blanched in water and salt; cook together for a few minutes, blend and strain.For the pasta:cook the Taglierini in water and salt for 5 minutes; in a pan with extra virgin olive oil add the pepper julienne seasoned with a pinch of fleur de sel; pour the broth and stir the Taglierini. Blanch the squids separately. PRESENTATIONPour the courgette sauce on the bottom of each plate, then in the middle place the Taglierini with the paired mullets and the squids.