Spinach Egg Tagliatelle with pumpkin

  • Difficulty


  • 400 g Tagliatelle n° 107 all’uovo con spinaci
  • 1 kg ripe pumpkin
  • 6 tbsp tofu cream
  • 1 onion
  • 3 tbsp sesame oil
  • salt
Tagliatelle n° 107 all’uovo con spinaci


Clean the pumpkin and slice it into small chunks. Place the pumpkin in a pan with a dash of oil, an onion sliced into rings, the salt and fry until soft without letting it stick to the pan.Once softened crush the pumpkin with a fork until it becomes a thick pure. In the meanwhile cook the pasta in a pan with boiling salted water, once al dente drain it and toss it into a bowl.Add the tofu cream, or 3 tbsp of ricotta, to the pumpkin pure, mix it with the pasta, stir well and serve.