Durum wheat pasta

Durum wheat semolina pasta is a classic staple in Italian food culture, and is at the heart of De Cecco’s product line.

Egg Pasta

De Cecco’s Egg Pasta is made exclusively with fresh A-grade eggs from free-range hens and fresh top-quality semolina.

Gluten-free range

De Cecco quality without compromises, even when Gluten-Free.

Pasta specialties

A wide range of special, optimum-quality products to satisfy your palate and assist in preparing new and original recipes.

7-grain range

Our 7-Grain Pasta is a natural source of fibre, protein, phosphorus and new flavours. All the quality of the De Cecco method, for unmistakeable tastiness.

Wholegrain Pasta

Wholly from our mill. Bringing all the goodness of a high-fibre diet and top-quality pasta to your table.

Organic Pasta

Discover De Cecco’s Organic range, produced only with natural methods and in accordance with European standards for organic farming.


Care in creating this product and careful selection of ingredients result in a De Cecco range that satisfies all your culinary needs.


Our rice, flour and gnocchi are all part of the large family of De Cecco products, ready to become an integral part of your favourite recipes.

Tomato Products

With a special pasta, you can’t just use any old sauce. Discover the tastes and aromas of De Cecco Pasta Sauces.

Sauces & Condiments

With a special pasta, you can’t just use any old sauce. Discover the aroma and taste of De Cecco Sauces and Condiments.

Oil & Vinegar

Make every dish you cook unforgettable with a special condiment. Try our range of Extra Virgin Olive Oils and Vinegars, created to satisfy all customer demands.

Milled Products

From a selection of our best grains, we present our Milled Products. Perfect for any type of dish.

Bakery goods

Accompany every moment of your day with flavour.

Gift Ideas

Treat yourself and others to the unique and unmistakeable delicious flavour of De Cecco products. Choose your favourite items and give someone a special gift.